Information & Wedding Pricing


All weddings are treated as full service, all inclusive Wedding Collections.

   This unique approach to wedding collections provides every client of ours the same amazing service, regardless of price or collection chosen! What does this mean for you? To explain more thoroughly, the product within every collection is the only variable that determines different pricing. So, with this type of approach, the service we provide to each couple, throughout the sessions and wedding day stay the same, making every wedding a success! 

   We do not offer a "shotgun" 3 hour collection here, then a 7 hour collection elsewhere, which can massively hinder the creativeness and documentation, as well as the stress levels of the couple; as every wedding is approached with the same documentation time, letting Lindsey Janies Photography weddings feel relaxed, fun, and allowing the day to run smoothly! 

   All collections include a 6 hour documentation of their day, with additional time as an optional add-on. Every client also receives a complimentary engagement session & custom wedding day cards. As most know, your wedding day imagery cannot be replaced or upgraded later, but different products and albums can. With Lindsey's unique wedding services, you can have your wedding captured at whichever collection you wish, keeping the documentation beautiful regardless of your price point, and the option of upgrading your album or products later. 

   We offer custom albums with a massive variety of exterior design options, custom interior spread design, and matching display boxes for every wedding album. Parents' album are also offered and available to add to any wedding collection! We have TONS of sample albums, engagement books, press printed products, and wall portraits to look through at our downtown Lake Charles gallery located at 726 Ryan Street, Suite D. Come sit down and get to know us! Out of State/Travel Collections are available. For pricing, availability, please give us a call at (337) 439-5367 or drop us a line via the "contact us" tab so we can get together to look over albums, wall portraits, & a full pricing menu!

Our wedding collections start at $3695. Please inquire for more information!



If you have already inquired and been given a password, please click here for our full list of wedding collections!