Our Team of Three




Lindsey is a third generation photographer, who was raised in the magical world of darkrooms, negatives, & film. To the traditional side of photography, she adds her own modern, artistic flair. 

  "Photography is a yearning to find the strongest view of what's in front of me. There is raw beauty in everything around us and it's about finding the right light, angle, and arrangement that will tell the story visually".



Lisa is the Studio Manager who comes to us with a wealth of business knowledge, having worked for two local photographers, as well as the manager of a hectic ophthalmology clinic for 7 years.  She has a degree from McNeese State University in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree, as well.  She is focused on the business fundamentals and efficiency aspects of LJP. 



Rachel is the Photography Assistant at Lindsey Janies Photography, accompanying Lindsey on all on-location shoots and weddings. She handles all post production work on the photos after the shoots, and is also the designer for all press printed products.  Rachel has a Degree in Art Education and Bachelor of Arts degree from McNeese State University with a double concentration in Graphic Design and Ceramics.